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Our Operating Partners represent a broad spectrum of skills and have partnered with RFE to assist our portfolio companies’ management teams in building value and realizing potential.

    Mark Abrahams

  • Mark Abrahams is the President and CEO of DelStar Technologies, Inc., an RFE VI portfolio company. DelStar was formed by RFE through the acquisition and merger of the Specialty Netting and Nonwoven Division of Applied Extrusion Technologies and U.S. Netting, Inc. The combined companies became the leading manufacturer of specialty extruded apertured films, netting and nonwoven products for filtration applications. Under RFE’s ownership, these two companies were integrated and then expanded via organic growth and acquisition. The Company had doubled in size at the time of its sale by RFE at a value representing more than 4X RFE’s cost.
  • Richard Brooks

  • Richard Brooks is the former CEO of Health Watch Holdings, Inc., an RFE VI portfolio company. Health Watch was formed by RFE in early 2004 to acquire the operating subsidiaries of Response USA, which had successfully emerged from bankruptcy protection in October 2002. Health Watch became the second largest provider of medical alert monitoring services in the United States during RFE’s ownership through increased internal growth and several acquisitions. Monitored subscribers grew from 45,000 to over 125,000 and monthly recurring revenues increased from $900,000 to over $2.5 million per month during RFE’s ownership. In April 2007, Health Watch was acquired by Royal Philips Electronics at a value representing more than 3X RFE’s cost.
  • Martin Doolan

  • Martin Doolan, with over 30 years of experience as a corporate turnaround executive, has been highly successful in restoring shareholder value and long-term profitability in several manufacturing companies including Bestop, Inc., a portfolio company of RFE I and RFE III. RFE recruited Mr. Doolan to Bestop as CEO after owning the Company for two years. Mr. Doolan led efforts to restore profitability to the Company, sell underperforming product lines and ultimately to achieve significant profitable growth. The Company had a successful IPO and was sold by RFE a couple of years later at a value representing more than 6X RFE’s cost. Mr. Doolan has served on the boards of several other RFE portfolio companies including DelStar Technologies.
  • Richard Matros

  • Richard Matros is the former CEO of Sun Healthcare Group, Inc., an RFE V and RFE VI portfolio company. RFE merged Peak Medical Corp., its nursing home owner and operator into Sun Healthcare after expanding Peak from 6 to 56 nursing homes located across the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. Michael Foster became a Director of Sun following this merger and worked closely with Mr. Matros on the subsequent growth of the combined companies. Sun is a publicly traded nursing home operator with more than $2 billion in revenues. RFE sold its Sun shares in the public markets realizing more than 4X its cost. Mr. Matros is currently the CEO of Sabra Health Care REIT, a publicly traded REIT focused on the healthcare sector.
  • John O’Connell

  • John O’Connell is the former President and CEO of Wind River Environmental LLC., an RFE VIII portfolio company. Wind River was acquired by RFE in mid-2014 and at the time was a leading Northeastern U.S. provider of non-hazardous liquid waste management solutions for a diverse set of residential and commercial customers specializing in services for wastewater systems including septic systems, interior and exterior grease traps, cesspools, package plants and wastewater treatment plants. Under RFE’s ownership, the Company completed 15 strategic add-on acquisitions over a 33 month period resulting in significant expansion of its geographic foot print down the east coast of the U.S. and a tripling of EBITDA. In April 2017 Wind River was acquired by another private equity firm at a value representing approximately 5x RFE’s cost.
  • David Patterson

  • David Patterson is the former CEO of Flow Solutions, Inc., an RFE VI portfolio company. Flow Solutions was acquired by RFE in late 1999 and at the time was a combination of three distributor sales organizations (representing multiple, high purity filtration product lines) with a total of $40 million of revenue servicing customers in the western half of the U.S. Under RFE’s ownership, Flow Solutions grew to more than $100 million of revenue through a combination of organic growth and add-on acquisitions. In mid-2006, Flow Solutions was sold to another private equity firm at a value representing more than 3X RFE’s cost. David remained as CEO of Flow Solutions (now known as Ryan Herco Flow Solutions) until late 2012 and built the Company to more than $225 million of revenue via a combination of continued organic growth and a significant merger with Ryan Herco in 2007.
  • John Paul

  • John Paul is the former President and CEO of Cattron Group, Inc., an RFE VI portfolio company. Cattron was acquired by RFE in mid-2003 and designed, manufactured and sold remote control systems for industrial applications including overhead cranes, shop loaders and industrial locomotives. Mr. Paul join Cattron in 2005 as President and led the company’s significant earnings growth. Under RFE’s ownership, Cattron completed three strategic add-on acquisitions, including expanding into systems for underground mining applications and achieved roughly a doubling in earnings. Upon selling the Company to a strategic buyer, RFE realized more than 4x its cost.
  • Darryl Rosser

  • Darryl Rosser is the President and CEO of Nudo Products Inc. Mr. Rosser joined Nudo in December 2012 as President and CEO and led the integration of five add-on acquisitions, increasing EBITDA from $6 million to approximately $20 million. Prior to joining Nudo, Mr. Rosser was President of Sagus International, a $100 million revenue manufacturer of Educational Furniture. Upon selling Nudo in December 2015, RFE realized a value of approximately 2.7X its cost.