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Decades of Recognizing Growth Opportunities

RFE is a seasoned team of business owners who partner with entrepreneurial management teams seeking to grow their businesses in the lower middle market. RFE has over three decades of recognizing growth opportunities, and our approach is simple: find good companies and help them reach their true potential.

A History of Partnership

Founded in 1979, RFE Investment Partners is a private equity investor with a long-standing small buyout heritage and a time-tested strategy for growing businesses in partnership with management.

Collaborating to Build Value

We value owners' and managements' personal commitment to the long-term viability and success of their company and employees. RFE embraces this enthusiasm and believes that properly rewarding management and aligning incentives is essential to success.

Scaling Growth

We equip our companies with the capabilities and resources to scale growth by leveraging the extensive operational expertise, financial acumen and broad business network of the RFE team. Through over 75 small buyout transactions, RFE has consistently guided our portfolio companies through multiple business cycles while driving value creation.